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Welcome to JKOAD Estate and wheels

Welcome to Jkoad Service, your go-to destination for reliable car rentals and premier property investment experiences in the USA and Lagos, Nigeria.

Thank you for choosing to explore Jkoad Service today. We understand the importance of creating a seamless experience, whether you’re looking to rent a car or invest in prime properties. Our commitment is to provide friendly services with a smile, ensuring your time with us is both pleasant and memorable.

Conveniently get a quote, ask questions, or discover valuable tourist information – we’re here to assist you every step of the way. The expectations in your search for the perfect rental car or investment property are undoubtedly high. Beyond the vehicles and the value for your investment, at Jkoad Service, we believe in elevating your expectations for the customer service experience. That’s the standard we uphold.
For any questions needing answers, please visit our FAQ page. Your journey with Jkoad Service begins with reliability, friendliness, and a commitment to excellence

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Core Values

Seamless Experiences:

Enjoy hassle-free car rentals and property investments with Jkoad Service.

Diverse Options:

Request from a diverse range of car rental options and investment opportunities.


Mission Statement

At Jkoad Service, our dedication is clear – to provide seamless and excellent experiences, recognizing that a car or home is more than just a functional item but an integral part of life’s vibrant dreams. With a diverse portfolio offering various options, we understand that our customers seek lasting experiences beyond the mere wheels or walls. Our commitment extends to every rental and investment, promising reliability and service excellence. Whether you’re navigating the streets of the USA or exploring estates in Lagos, Jkoad Service ensures your journey is worry-free. We believe in earning your trust, offering a place to call home whether you roam in the bustling USA or the vibrant streets of Lagos.


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